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    WE 8019 MAPLE

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    WE 8022 OAK


DYNAMIC COURTS 6.50mm is ideal for Multi-Purpose Indoor Sports. It is ideal for sports like Volleyball Courts, Badminton Courts, Basket Ball Courts, Gyms and any Multi-Purpose Sports Arenas.
DYNAMIC COURTS 6.50mm is available in a collection of 2 wooden patterns – Maple & Oak. The embossing has been optimized to provide correct grip while playing and wear layer has been enhanced for maximum wearability. With a wear layer of 1.50mm, it is by far one of th finest available products.
DYNAMIC COURTS 6.50mm has a double Fiber Glass Layer plus a Fiber Glass Mesh Layer for dimensional stability and also is ideal for areas wherein superior ball bounce is required. some of the advantages of using DYNAMIC COURTS is as follows;

1. Superior Shock Absorption & Ball Re-Bound
2. PUR (Anti-Bacterial) Surface Treatment for Easy Cleaning
3. Reduces Injuries & enhances actual playing experience
4. Resistance to Static Load
5. Matching Welding Rods for ALL decors

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